Replacing an automatic windshield

Replacing an automobile windshield is a difficult task. Never try to change a windshield during inclement weather. Water should not touch the windshield for about 10 hours after replacement. The windshield is specific by model and you should take into account the special characteristics of the windscreen, as a dye or an antenna integrated radio, when planning to replace a windshield.


  1. Remove the window using the molding tool. Cut the cord loose urethane around the entire circumference of the window. This is the hardest part of the job. The urethane should be cut completely, unconditionally from window when pushed outward. A string window cracks. If the person who installed the previous windshield pushed down too hard, then you only need about 1/8 of the grain. This makes it difficult to cut from the outside. The knife should never touch the rim of the glass. This means that the cord should be cut from inside the vehicle with a razor long. Go slowly and be precise.
  2. Push the window out slowly. Watch for any adhesive still touching the window and cut before proceeding.
  3. Let 3mm urethane sealant remain on the vehicle. New seal grips best on aged urethane. Clean any dirt or foreign material away from the seal area. Prime the new windshield with urethane primer around the outside edge which will contact with the bead of urethane. Use a brush to spread it on the windshield.
  4. Place a layer of urethane sealant around the window opening on the top 1/8 inch of the existing old urethane gun using cord. Align with the edges windshield or window opening. Make sure the windshield is centered properly before lowering the urethane. Once the urethane is touched, cannot be removed. Place the windshield on top of the urethane heel. Push down on the edges of the windshield where it meets the urethane. Push over the entire circumference of the edge of the window to properly seat the urethane window so it does not leak.
  5. Reinstall the window molding fasteners by centering on equipment and pushing down.