How to cover a broken car window

The only time you forget and leave something valuable sitting on the seat of his car — turns to find a broken window and their belongings stolen. Car broken windows are irritating, but left open to the elements and vulnerable to theft car is dangerous. Cover broken car windows with a plastic garbage bag until you can take your car to the repair shop and get the glass replaced.


Put inside the car and place the plastic garbage bag over the hole in the window.

Hold the plastic tight and start recording through the window frame on each side, checking to make sure there are no gaps in the tape. Gaps can accumulate moisture if it rains or snows, causing water to leak into your car.

Add a second layer of tape around the window frame, to ensure that the tape is maintained.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Consider wearing gloves to protect your hands from injury caused by broken glass.
  • For extra strong hold, the tape on the middle of the plastic bag until the entire window is covered by tape. You can also record outside the window of his car, but be aware that doing so attracts more attention to the broken window and can also damage the finish of your vehicle.
  • Be sure to cover the window of his car as soon as possible after the note has been broken. Covering your window makes your car less vulnerable to inclement weather, and is also a deterrent to thieves.
  • Check with your local police department to determine if you can legally cover his broken plastic window and still drive your car while you find a repair shop.
  • Car broken windows should be treated with urgency. Covering a window of the car with plastic and tape is a short-term solution that will protect your car against the elements and broken glass while finding a repair shop.
  • Never compromise your safety covering a window that is essential to your ability to see while driving.