Follow these tips and extend the life of the windshield

  1. Having been impacted stone has occurred in your windshield; put a piece of tape to prevent damage from contamination! If cracked immediately after the coup also put tape over the crack!. For damages cracks lifetime warranty applies if the damage is less than 12 hours after, otherwise a 90 day warranty is applicable. If at all possible, repair the crack immediately after it occurs.
  2. If your windshield has a small crack, it is not advisable to leave the car in the sun. The current cars have excellent airtightness (at air conditioning) and if left in the sun, the air found inside the car is warm and begin to expand, to the point that the pressure generated will cause the crack.
  3. For the Love of God! Will not ever press your finger (any of them!) . The consequences of this innocent action will leave you with your mouth open!!
  4. Take immediate action when you receive a small rock and windshield chipping; make a phone booking or online from this website. Remember that no matter how small the crack is the windshield will crack!!
  5. If you go down the road and sees before him is a vehicle without fender (Flexible plastic part located along of each tire), exceeds or decelerate quickly away from him at least about 60-100 meters!
  6. When you see that a stone will come over, put your palm on the windshield. This way your hand absorbs vibration, together with the impact. The statistics have confirmed that this reduces by 80% the chipping caused by stones on the road!
  7. It is recommended that the tires are cleaned daily feathers. Up dust particles and small stones are abrasive element for windshield. If you turn dry their feathers, they inevitably scratch the glass surface!
  8. The windscreen must be kept clean all the time because 90% of what we do when we handle a vehicle is seen through é!
  9. There are excellent products to keep your windshield clean:
    • Hydrophobic products – those that repel water when it rains offering up to 40% more visibility.
    • Anti-fogs products: those applied on the inside of the windshield to prevent surface, an effect that reduces visibility up to 90% action driving becoming a potential mortal danger steamy!

(These products can get them at any store specializing in automotive accessories.)

  1. Although you may not believe, other abrasive element found in nature and that can stain your windshield are the feces of birds, these contain, in its constitution, hydrochloric acid residues! Clean them immediately, do not let them dry in the windshield.