How to Repair the Windshield

The windshield is one of the key elements of a vehicle. If it is in bad condition, the visibility will be much worse, the risk of accident much greater and therefore driving a whole danger. In short, you cannot drive with a windshield in poor condition.

And if they have damaged ours, how can we repair the windshield? It is an easy question to answer, but more difficult to carry out. In fact, if your windshield has a very wide crack, we recommend you directly go to a repair shop to have it repaired. And if your insurance covers it, never do it yourself, because it pays for something, right?

For those who have a small crack and a little ungrateful insurance, let’s go there with the tutorial to fix a broken windshield.

Total cleaning

You cannot even touch the windshield without being clean. And when we say clean, we mean that it is so clean that even smell from a distance cleaning. There can be no stain, no piece of earth, or anything on top of the glass.

It is advisable to buy a specific glass cleaner and not use the classic glass cleaner. Also, avoid using any cloth and use a clean microfiber.

Suction cup and resin

The car repair kits on the market usually include a suction cup. It is a small suction cup, which can be inserted a syringe on one side and attached to the glass by four small legs. If you cannot find it in your repair kit, look for one at your nearest store.

Once you have it, add a syringe with UV resin (resins activated by light) and place it on the crack that you want to repair. This resin can be found in many stores, especially in the section related to the body.

Press and release

When you have ensured that the suction cup is fully secured, simply push the suction cup syringe all the way to the bottom. Then pull slowly and redo after 30 minutes.

At least 12 “pressures” are needed for the resin to take effect, so this process can take 6 to 7 hours. Be patient and keep in mind that it is much cheaper than changing the entire windshield.

Remove the syringe and clean

Once the process of pressing and pulling is finished, remove the syringe and remove excess resin around the crack.

Remember: just remove the resin around the crack, not in it. If you do all the work these 6-7 hours will not have served for anything.