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How to remove water stains from car

Water spots develop on the surface of a car of impurities in the air and water used to wash your vehicle. They often appear after leaving your car air dry. You can easily remove and take steps to prevent them … read more

How to remove water spots windshield

Not properly clean the windshield can lead to having patches of water in the glass. Stripes and water points occur when a clean-low quality glass is used. Even products known as Windex not always do the job, because many tend … read more

How to remove stains from car windows

Acid rain, hard water deposits and lack of dry after washing windows can cause cars stained windows. The difficulty of removing stains auto glass depends on the severity of the problem, and you may have to replace the glass if … read more

How to remove glue from a car window

Glue on a car window can be a threat to its security. The glue can create a distorted point on the glass that can block your vision into a vital point. Pending the glue dissolves in the rain is never … read more

How to remove acid rain from a car window

Water stains can be a huge problem, especially when they do so for its small size with strength in numbers. Acid rain spots, however, can be much more problematic in the long run. Often producing a cloudy effect or cloudy … read more

How to put the plastic in a car window

The main point of entry for a car thief is through the car window. Car windows security but are no match for a brick or a hammer. Once the window is broken inside the car is exposed to external elements … read more

How to prevent cracks in a windshield extend

How to prevent cracks of a windshield spreading. If the windshield of you vehicle is cracked, only you have two options. You can pay to change all your windshield or repair cracks. Repair cracks in a windshield can prevent cracks … read more