Repair of thermal glass windows

Repair the thermal window glass is different to repair one of single glazing. It is made ​​of isolated units usually have two panes of glass. Instead of the compound glazing used in the windows of one panel a thermal glass used sealant component and a glazing stop mechanical or glazing bead.

Two reasons for repair

Thermal glass window is defined by the insulated glass unit. This or IG unit, generally consists of two sheets which are sealed to a spacer, which is sometimes called double glazed. The spacer is placed between the glass panels and around the edges. When the unit is sealed, neither air nor moisture enters or leaves the enclosed space. When this is broken let the air and moisture from entering the space between the panels. This can also occur if the seal between the spacer and the glass is broken. The air outside and the humidity in the space will cause condensation. Moisture endeavor windows due to the different temperatures inside the house and out the window. In severe climates, this condensation can form drops and freeze.

Assessing the IG unit

If the glass is broken, the obvious repair is to replace the IG unit. However, if the glass is fogged, it is not obvious that the unit must be replaced. There are at least two methods of making a hole in the spacer to allow moisture to escape from the space between the panels. Although these methods can improve the situation in the short term, if the seal is broken in the unit, humidity and fog return. Replacing the IG unit is the best option.

Removing and replacing the IG unit

Typically, an IG unit is “glassed” in the mobile frame with a sealant tape or a gasket that surrounds around the frame. The glass is held in connection with a ceiling glazing, a removable thin strip is nailed to the frame or embedded in a groove in the frame. Remove this strip with care, as it is required to install the IG unit. Before removing the defective unit, measure the width, length and thickness of the glass to your local glass can build a replacement unit. It also notes how seal (tape, silicone or packaging) so you can get the parts with your IG unit. When you have the replacement drive, make sure that the measures are the same as those of the frame, then remove the defective unit. Check that the unit is sealed in the frame on all four sides continuously. Carefully replace the cap glazing. Clean and repaint if necessary.