How to repair the damage done by a rock at the windshield of a car

A small stone lifted by a truck can damage the windshield chipping a portion thereof. Over time this chip often becomes cracks to point that the windscreen is broke and needs to be replaced. If you detect time you can fix the damage before it gets worse. A repaired windshield is almost like new.


  1. Make sure this is just a chip and a crack is almost impossible to fix with a repair kit. You can try but probably the result is having to replace the windshield anyway. Make the repair as soon as possible as a splinter can become a crack grows.
  2. Get windshield repair kit as mentioned below. You can order DIY repair kits or buy them at auto parts stores.
  3. Choose a dry day and park your car inside. It is convenient to make this repair when the weather is wet or cold. Clean the crack with a clean cloth dampened with acetone. Work carefully as acetone can remove paint from your car.
  4. Use the corner of a razor blade to scrape off any loose dirt or glass part. Acetone removes dirt crack but can still be small stones or pieces of glass.
  5. Place the alignment tool repair directly above the crack. Most kits have 4 cups with a threaded hole between them. Place it directly onto the splintered party.
  6. Pipe repair screwed firmly into the alignment tool. It is threaded a small tube with a rubber tip. Get in the car and make sure that presses against the splintered party. If not, you unscrew and move the alignment tool to the right place.
  7. Put two drops of resin pipe repair (or per the directions) and quickly screwed the plunger as firmly as possible. Once properly adjusted, halfway for a few seconds to let the air bubbles escape, then retighten. Let stand for about one minute and then remove the tools.
  8. Carefully applied finish film on top of the repair. Let stand for at least 10 minutes and remove it.
  9. Use the razor blade to scrape the irregularities in the resin. The damage must be almost invisible.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some kits use different types of resins with different drying times. If yours comes with than those of this article follow them instructions. If at first you do not put in enough resin, you’ll see a hole in the crack when you remove the alignment tool. Put it again and add a few drops of resin.