How to repair scratches on the windshield

The particles in the street often cause scratches or marks on the windshields of cars. The first thing our instinct tells us when this happens is that we must change the windshield. This means paying at least $ 100 to buy a new one. Fortunately, there are products on the market that can help you solve the problem yourself with far less money.


  1. Make a test with one of your fingers to see if the nail is locked by passing on the rayon. If so, the scratch is too deep and cannot be repaired. If you cannot polish a compound glasses and a variable speed drill.
  2. Good clean windshield. Make sure there is no dirt, oil and debris in the area that you are repairing.
  3. Use a compound for polishing glass. This product usually comes in kits to repair glasses, which can be purchased online or at the auto parts store in your area.
  4. Place a polishing pad in the drill and apply a small amount of glazing compound on the pad. Start by applying light pressure for several minutes and enter the compound in the rayon with small, circular motions. Be sure to keep the area of the windshield you’re repairing wet all the time.
  5. Clean the area with clean rag wool. Apply a small amount of glass as the polisher Brand Glass Renew on a clean polishing pad and pad placed in the bore. Apply the polish in the rayon moderate pressure. Keep working until the rayon is gone.