How to repair hairline cracks in the windows of a car

The windows of your vehicle are a feat of engineering. They consist of two sheets of thin glass molded under pressure at a piece of clear plastic safety including 800 atmospheres of pressure. Although this technology, road debris often windshield glass splinter, and these cracks can become chipped. Here are some steps on how to repair chips or hairline cracks in the windshield.


  1. Avoid chips. Some are inevitable and are caused by traffic. However, driving closely vehicles or vehicles driving behind diverted to one lane gravel increases your chances of chipping your windshield.
  2. A splinter is easier to repair a crack, and many auto shops will do a very low cost.
  3. Try to repair it yourself using a windshield repair kit. These can be had for less than $ 15 online or at an auto parts store.
  4. Repair kits require inject some kind of resin into the crack or chip using a special tool that is sucked into the windshield near the damaged area. Most use resin injection and some sort of UV treatment. The process takes less than one full hour.
  5. Visit a professional. If the crack is large, it is growing or is it something you’d leave in the hands of an expert, just go to an auto shop or the dealer from whom you bought the car (if new).