How to remove water stains from car

Water spots develop on the surface of a car of impurities in the air and water used to wash your vehicle. They often appear after leaving your car air dry. You can easily remove and take steps to prevent them from appearing in the future.


  1. Find a chemical stain removal of water from a company car detail. Maguire offers two different products for this purpose, the Quick Detailer and Final Inspection. Rain is another product that is available in most automotive stores and large discount retailers.
  2. Apply the chemical as indicated on the package. This is extremely important since the chemicals used to remove water stains contain a powerful acid that can damage your paint if used incorrectly.
  3. Waxing the car as you normally would after removing the acid. Use wax as directed to protect your vehicle from water stains and paint damage.
  4. Take your car to a professional detail shop. Most car dealers have their own store of detail and offer packages to customers. This may include a complete treatment for the exterior of your car, including water stain removal, washing and waxing.

Tips & Warnings

  • To avoid water spots, use a soft cloth to dry the car after washing.
  • If you are doing this yourself, be careful not to get acid washing on wheels, plastic parts or moldings.