How to remove stains from car windows

Acid rain, hard water deposits and lack of dry after washing windows can cause cars stained windows. The difficulty of removing stains auto glass depends on the severity of the problem, and you may have to replace the glass if there was engraving.

Articles of common domestic use are often sufficient for cleaning car windows. Commercial glass car can help remove stubborn stains on the glass of the car. Contact your dealer or auto glass shop for help with spots or severe attack.


Spray windows with a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and white distilled vinegar and wipe dry with a soft towel windows and lint. This will remove surface dirt and stains of soft water.

Wet paper towels with distilled white vinegar undiluted and place them on the stained glass. Allow wet towels to sit on the stained by about 10 to 15 minutes and wipe the glass dry with towel lint-free glass.

Spray the solution of water and vinegar on windows and stained glass rub with fine steel wool, as grade 000 or 0000. The grade steel wool will remove stains without damaging the glass, but test an inconspicuous area beforehand. Clean the windows clean stains once removed.

Apply nail auto-glass with a lint-free towel and buff out with a microfiber towel as it begins to dry, or use a power buffer. Contact your dealer or auto repair shop for this service if necessary.