How to remove glue from a car window

Glue on a car window can be a threat to its security. The glue can create a distorted point on the glass that can block your vision into a vital point. Pending the glue dissolves in the rain is never a wise decision, as it can take months. If you want a clean car window, you have to remove the glue yourself.


Glue a plastic tarp along the bottom of the window to protect the paint below. Place the canvas on the right under the window trim instead of directly on the glass. The chemicals used to remove the glue can sometimes eat through your car paint, creating an even bigger problem than a stained window.

Rub the stain of glue with a thick cloth soaked in warm water and soap. The fabric should be soft enough to save their windows but rough enough to remove the glue residue.

If the glue residue remains, it is time to use harsh chemicals. Gloves protect hands while working.

Clean the window with a generous helping of acetone. Let the acetone stand for a few minutes and then scrub the window again. Acetone should pull the tail of the right of the window.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the first round of acetone not clean away the glue, use a second layer after drying the window.
  • Only use acetone in a well-ventilated area. If you feel dizzy while using it, walk to the window and regain his composure before continuing.