How to fix a car window that falls inside the door

The windows of the cars use an arm of regulatory control and a guide for raising and lowering a cloth glass in the door, either manually or with an engine power. When the glass cloth exit the controller, you can fall into the door. Most mechanics can repair windows falls in an hour.


  1. Remove the inner door panel to access the window. Several screws hold it in place, typically below the arm rest and mounting the door handle. Once unscrewed, you can remove it gently from the “rivets” that attached to the metal door. This exposes the window regulator and glass thereof.
  2. Remove the glass door raising it by hand window. There are several holes in the metal of the door where you can upload slowly. Make sure you do not remove it completely, as there are bolt holes that cannot enter through the window opening.
  3. Reattach the window regulator or replace it separate of any mounting base and sliding it completely. The assembly is attached to the regulator with a clip pinching window or more commonly with bolt passing through the hole in the glass. When these clips or bolts are loosened, the window regulator can be switched off and fall into the door. Hold the window in place and adjusted slightly toward the pins clockwise or pinch clips with pliers before the glass is in place.
  4. Test the window before returning the door panel and look at the motion controller as you move the glass. Any ineffective repair will be obvious when the window is repeatedly used, and replace the panel prematurely can lose time.
  5. Replace door panel again putting in rivets and securing it with screws hits firmly panel areas not easily inserting in the rivets.

Tips & Warnings

  • Search debris in the door and the regulator when the panel is removed.
  • No more settings bolts regulator.