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Repair impacts on the windshield

The windshield is a key element of vehicle safety. Contributes 30% of the structural strength and prevents together with the side posts, the roof collapse when overturned. A small damage caused by the impact of a stone reduces its strength … read more

Removing windshield molding

Windshield molding helps keep the windshield in place in modern production vehicles. In the case of an automobile collision, the windshield glass is designed to break into small pieces to avoid cutting the passengers inside. The cracks in the windshield, … read more

Replacing the glass in an aluminum window

A fact of life to owning a home is sometimes that the windows are broken and need to be replaced. The skilled homeowner can save some money by changing these broken windows instead of hiring someone to do it. It … read more

Removing windshield molding

Windshield moldings hold the windshield in place. These are used by any car manufacturer worldwide. The windshield is a unique glass design especially for cars and other vehicles. First, windshields were made with ordinary glass, but because the glass used … read more

Removing the auto glass

A windshield broken usually means it’s time to call in the professionals, but you can save money if you remove the windshield before the technician arrives to install the new one. It is also a useful skill if you like … read more

Removing scratches on glasses

Prescription glasses are expensive. For those whose recipe rarely changes (which use the same lens for several years), maintaining clean and free of scratches lenses is not easy. However, this is difficult if not impossible. The glasses are designed to … read more

Removing adhesives windscreens  

When you put stickers on the windshield stick is strong and is difficult to remove. In some cases, labels are an essential requirement such as when to place a permit parking on the windshield of vehicle for your school or … read more

Windshield removal instructions

A cracked or broken windshield, either in the front or the back, is a dangerous thing to drive with. A damaged windshield must be removed immediately for replacement. The exact removal procedure may vary depending on the type of vehicle, … read more

Rectifying the glass cracks

Speaking of auto glass repair, many people think it is not important, in fact, driving at high speed, a lot of people with rocks or other hard objects experience windshield cracked shells. But if, due to a small crack in … read more

Quotes on Auto Glass

If you are covered by car insurance, you’re probably covered also for broken windshield glass and other problems that can occur. This type of coverage usually is responsible for any physical damage to your vehicle caused by incidents that do … read more