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Windshield removal instructions

A cracked or broken windshield, either in the front or the back, is a dangerous thing to drive with. A damaged windshield must be removed immediately for replacement. The exact removal procedure may vary depending on the type of vehicle, … read more

Rectifying the glass cracks

Speaking of auto glass repair, many people think it is not important, in fact, driving at high speed, a lot of people with rocks or other hard objects experience windshield cracked shells. But if, due to a small crack in … read more

Quotes on Auto Glass

If you are covered by car insurance, you’re probably covered also for broken windshield glass and other problems that can occur. This type of coverage usually is responsible for any physical damage to your vehicle caused by incidents that do … read more

Professional replacement of windshield

Most of us met driving on the road and suddenly a big bam occurs on your machine. We cannot avoid the pebbles and rocks to fly away because trucks and other vehicles tend to drive at high speed. No matter … read more

Products for cracked windshield repair

When you have a crack in the windshield, replacing the entire windshield can be expensive. If the crack is small enough, you can use several repair products to halt its spread. You can bring your car to a repair shop … read more

Problems with windshield replacement

When a broken windshield is replaced, it is important to ensure that is done properly. Replacement problems could cause noise nuisance or even something as serious as the windshield is dislodged while driving. Proper installation avoids these problems. Leaks Water … read more

Pasting glass on glass

Glass on glass paste allows you to place a layer of glass panel. In general, the process is used for art projects that require bonding glass panels colors each other. To ensure that the glass panels adhere completely to each … read more


Auto repair is not limited to the engine or the vehicle body. There are many different parts and areas that must also be maintained and checked regularly to keep the car in good condition. One of the most critical areas … read more

Need windshield replacement

Basically it’s very easy to break a windshield due to small errors and therefore we need to fix the issues related by replacing or repair. For example, sometimes a stumbling block due to the strong breath is stuck in the … read more

Mobile Auto Glass Replacement

Auto glass replacement is as old as cars industry itself. At the beginning of the era of Henry Ford’s automobile manufacturing, windows and windshields were made from the same glass found in the houses. Modern technology has made glass safer … read more