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How to Repair a Striped Windshield

When the windshield has been scratched it is best to repair it immediately. Some people ignore scratches that are small. Unfortunately these do not disappear. The problem, which seems to be small, can become an even bigger and more expensive … read more

How to Repair a Striped Glass

It’s a sunny day and you look through the window, and you notice a crack in the glass. While it may not damage the structure or function of the window, it is annoying. Slight cracks can be removed from the … read more

How to minimize car glass replacement

Car glass, including the windshield, are very important elements of the car. Even when they are not so identified by most motorists, even so, their function cannot be matched. Unlike ordinary glass, which are useful for the mirrors and tables, … read more

How to repair scratches windscreen

The particles in the street often cause scratches or marks on the windshield of the car. The first thing our instinct tells us when this happens is that we must change the windshield. This means paying at least $ 100 … read more

How to repair fiberglass

Fiberglass is a strong material and therefore is widely used for a series of items such as tubs, boats and garage doors. They also find application in fiberglass pools and corrugated roof glass fiber. However, as with any material, fiberglass … read more

How to remove water stains from car

Water spots develop on the surface of a car of impurities in the air and water used to wash your vehicle. They often appear after leaving your car air dry. You can easily remove and take steps to prevent them … read more

How to remove water spots windshield

Not properly clean the windshield can lead to having patches of water in the glass. Stripes and water points occur when a clean-low quality glass is used. Even products known as Windex not always do the job, because many tend … read more