How to remove water spots windshield

Not properly clean the windshield can lead to having patches of water in the glass. Stripes and water points occur when a clean-low quality glass is used. Even products known as Windex not always do the job, because many tend to dry over the windshield rather than let the cleaner to evaporate. Water stain removal windshield, like other waste rebel, uses a different form cleaner.


  1. Apply generously to clean glass foam on the surface of the windshield.
  2. Clean the windshield in an upward motion with the razor blade. Start at one side of the windshield, and works on the other side using the razor blade and the cleaning foam.
  3. Dry your windshield with paper towels. You can clean dry foam without worrying about scratching.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Consider using a foam glass cleaner high quality as are throw by, two highly respected names in the industry car.